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Various Artists - A Shadow over a Broken Heart (April 2004)
Source : the underdog

Fuck the intro, it's straight to business with this compilation! Going straight for the throat with the juddery hardcore of The Minor Times, and showing no sign of let up as we tear through Johnny Truant's metalcore and the immense Death of Anna Karina, what we have hear is a damn fine collection of up and coming noise talent.

If you ever wondered what the sound of pure evil is, it's here and it's called Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus, who's track ‘A Lubricated Rubber Glove' caused controversy at the pressing plant and will leave you running for cover.

I'm excited about MidMarch Records. If this, their first compilation, is anything to go by then these are the boys to pull out all the stops and push some really talented artists with the kind of support and backing they deserve, namely the number of excellent British bands that get left behind their more accessible adversaries, simply for lack of understanding. Definitely a label to watch.

Proudhon - The Joy of Sex (April 2004)
Source : the underdog

Time has been good to Brighton boys Proudhon. It's been at least a year since I last saw them and listening to their self-titled demo in the meantime has done little to re-capture the excitement they exude or the dynamite they seem to have exploding from under their feet when they play live.

Whilst that demo bore influence from the likes of Thursday in it's melodic composition, The Joy Of Sex has surpassed that fleeting and troubled angst in favour of outright fury and heart wrenching despair. In just 16.06 minutes, Proudhon kick off their rage in the shape of This Aeroplane Is Falling and the Engine is Ablaze, a brutal and noisy concoction of heavy handed hardcore and deft assailing vocals before finishing up quarter of an hour later in the more composed and deceptively caring hands of Goodnight My Brave Assasin.

Time has afforded Proudhon the ability to define their sound and this EP certainly shows that process has been a worthwhile venture. Their previous demo lied to us about their true nature as it's songs were literally blown to pieces on stage. The Joy Of Sex brings far more of their promise to the fore but it's still telling tales, cos I know there's still a lot more to come out, but it'd be boring if they nailed it straight way, right?

Proudhon - The Joy of Sex (April 2004)
source : lipgloss zine and rancid news

Bolstered to the finest Converge tradition, and with all the angular dystrophy of The International Noise Conspiracy this deliquescent quintet are set to take on the world with their own brand of relentlessly bludgeoning hardcore tattooed on their forearm, lest we forget the thick wedges of undiluted melody pinned firmly to their sleeves. Whilst the maudlin ponderings, and abject emo-boy lyrics come across as a little contrived for those of us who like to read along to their records and thus heard it all before, bin the sleeve and you'll find hours of solace in the hazy aural bloodbath transcending from your speakers. The first three tracks tryst and turn in a head-on collission, culminating in the 9 minute opus of transient Elliot-isms and nihilistic cataclysm that is ‘Goodnight My Brave Assassin.' Aural sex? Sonic foreplay? Take it from me; Brighton 's lovely this time of year…if you need an excuse.


Various Artists - A Shadow over a Broken Heart (April 2004)
source : lipgloss zine and rancid news

Uh oh, here it comes, another brand new, must have indie hardcore sampler falls on my doormat with a furore of pizza flyers and credit card application forms. You know…It would be all to easy to dismiss these DIY releases as ten a penny, but the truth is they're just so damned good. It really is my bread and butter to see someone with a burning desire to preach great music to the masses, and with 16 bitesize morsels of UK , US and Italian signed and unsigned metalcore, ranging from the incendiary Johnny Truant to bottom-rung riot inciters This Mourning After this recent offering from Mid March is no exception to the rule. You've got Italy 's Blood Brothers in the form of The Death of Anna Karina, and an angular, asymmetrical From Autumn to Ashes with Wall of Denial. However, it's additional cameos from the likes of Second Smile, Proudhon, 3 Stages of Pain, Irving Rose and the gigantic riffage and eerie two-tone vocals of Dehumanize that make this comp one for the repeat button. Pssst…you've also gotta keep your eye on this label if you're interested in The Mascot! (Johnny Truant's ‘family values' side project).


Proudhon - The Joy of Sex (April 2004)
Source : Punkstation.it

I precede that this review is influenced by the esteem i feel for the man who gives the name to the band reviewed. They're from England and they've chosen the name of the biggest socialist / anarchist theorist that ever existed. What do you want again, if you discover also that their skill passes over a simply quotation? Their mini cd is composed by 4 songs that go from the emo-violence “old school” that has been played by Pageninetynine or bands on Level Plane to a crazy rock ‘n' roll near to the most recent “mainstream” melodies. “Goodnight my brave assassin” is the song i love the most, but each of the others have the big power to make us feel the emotions and the passion of this kind of Hardcore music. To the mind. Screaming voice, furious rhythms…all the elements for a complete emo-violence album. I think that the real punk-rock nowadays is played by these kinds of bands. But it's only my impression…conditioned perhaps by the name of the band.
(translated from Italian)

Various Artists - A Shadow over a Broken Heart (April 2004)
Source : Planet-Loud

Compilation CD's are notoriously hit and miss affairs and this one is no different on that score. Even though this is the case, even the miss stuff is decent enough for you to make a note of the bands name for further investigation. And, featuring sixteen tracks for just over a fiver can't be bad can it ?

Claiming to feature the best metalcore bands from both sides of the ocean, this sixteen track slab of heaviosity does have some crackers on it. The obvious candidates are the mighty Johnny Truant and the fearsome, unbridled fury of 3 Stages Of Pain. Both bands weighing in with offerings that are predictably great. The best part though is unearthing some absolute gems. Bands like Broken Oath who will have you windmilling till you die and the fantastic Proudhon who will just batter you into submission with their chaotic carnage.

Like I said, there are a few weak tracks like the Wall Of Denial offering (which is more let down by sound quality rather than ability) but even they hint at greater things to come and will be well worth checking out. In fact, there isn't one band on here that should they come to your local fleapit wouldn't be worth spending a couple of quid checking out. And come on, a fiver ? What've you got to lose?

Recommended Track(s)
Broken Oath, Johnny Truant
Reviewer - Graham Finney


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MidMarchRecords Compilation 2004
A Shadow Over A Broken Heart

16 Tracks of the best metalcore from both sides of the ocean, featuring the minor times, johnny truant, into the moat, this mourning after, from a second story window, 3 stages of pain, secondsmile, broken oath and many more.

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The Joy of Sex

Brand new 4 song ep. from the Brighton 5 piece which combines heartfelt intensity with punk rock fragility, passion and originality. Finally a British band stepping out of the shadow of its cross pond peers.

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Wall of Denial
These Oceans of Sapphire Grabbed my Eyes

10 Tracks of Beautiful insanity, not for the feint of heart, from one of the most brutal bands this country has ever encountered. Taking influence from Iron Monkey, Pantera, Will Haven and Zao. This release will kill you.

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