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Just a quicky to say there's a competition to win MidMarch and Proudhon CDs online at Planet Loud. Head over there and win some prizes.

A new proudhon track has been uploaded from the ep, in streaming format only, just for a couple of weeks for all you lucky people here. and a new forum is online here.

The new and first Temple of Rome website is up now at www.templeofrome.tk . Temple of Rome is a bastard noise project set to shread you ears to pieces. More on this soon, expect an album through MidMarch late '04.

There are loads more releases in the press section for you to check out.

The new distro store should be ready soon, with releases from Broken Circle, Broken Oath, EvAD, Jacobs Stories / Tyler and more. If you want to get your releases distro'd on this new flash store then please contact, we're up for trades with our releases.

A list of other places you can buy our CD from will be up in the next week, we've got places to buy from in the US and Holland sorted, more details to follow.


A whole month with out an update, so here one is, we've been working hard thats for sure:

-MidMarch Records to be part of the upcoming Trencher/Esquillax split 10"
-The Reviews have started to come in, there's one up there and i'll get some more up any day now.
-The mp3 page is going well, be sure to visit that / and the new forum! sign up and talk.
New flash webstore to be completed soon, complete with new distro items.

So yeah they're the 4 headlines and they're pretty much self explainitory, just like to say that friends of mine in the awesome 'the minor times' are putting thier album out through level-plane later this year. Please check it out, this band is seriously amazing.



Thats right! it's finally done and in stock ,you can buy online now here, and view the track listing etc. there too. Thank you for your patience.



The Mascot! have inked a deal in blood and semen with MidMarchRecords for us to release their album. The band is a side project of the mammoth Johnny Traunt and the album is set to feature a plethora of special guests... there is a preview mp3 on our page here now. Expect a 7” from the band through Undergroove soon. I'm fucking excited about this album.

The mp3 page has been VASTLY improved and can be viewed here.....

The proudhon 'the joy of sex CD's are in. Buy Buy Buy

The webstore has been updated, it now opens in a handy pop-up and is even easier to navigate.


MidMarchRecords Presents….A proudhon record release show
Monday 1 st March 2004

Proudhon – Crossing over between noise and beauty, the Brighton quartet unveil their debut ep . to the world.
Orca – Alaska recording's Finest play debut Brighton show, hot on the heels of their newly released single.
Ella – “If you have any doubt if Ella are worth your time, money or energy: just get down to one of their live shows and witness them for yourselves.” Fury Fanzine
Creeper and Fright – Return for a 2nd MidMarch show outing after great success last time, grind and noise!

FreeButt , Brighton
£3 on the door / £5 with proudhon e.p*

Try to make it down to this one, will be great.

At great annoyance the MidMarchRecords Compilation ‘A Shadow over a Broken Heart' has been delayed further due to the people at the pressing plant in their infinite knowledge deeming the track ‘A lubricated rubber glove and pornographic photos of a Chinese hooker' by Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus to be racist, as apposed to taking it to be as light hearted as I was intended. I'm not trying to get involved in the political side of this at all and I can understand how it may cause offence, so the matter is being dealt with accordingly. This will cause a delay of a few weeks though. I promise you, it will be worth the wait.


The proudhon ep. followed last weeks departure of the compilation off to the pressing plant today. Should both be here in the coming weeks.

Come to the show on the 12th.


Gutted as i am to report - THE MIDMARCH COMP IS DELAYED - by about 2 weeks, i will let you know when its out and its all the pressing plants fault for being so busy. Wil prob. be here around the 16th of Feb. Thank You for your patience.

Now the good news:
Thur 12th February 2004 - FreeButt, Brighton - 8pm
Nine Days To No One (Converge / Dillinger Escape Plan sounding noise from Kent )
+This Mourning After (Hardcore from Ipswich in the vein of early this day forward)
+Creeper and Fright ( Brighton 's newest addition to the Casio grind family)
+Counting the Days ( Brighton post hardcore lads)
JUST £2.50 tickets available from the punker bunker, Brighton


You can now preview MidMarchRecords artist's songs in the mp3 format via hxcmp3.com. Enjoy.


As you can see we have a new midmarchrecords.com. We thought we'd have to change with the times and make it easier for you to buy and view our releases online.


this mourning after are a late and very welcome addtion to the compilation.
I received the mastered proudhon ep. late last night, it sounds massive and is going to blow you away.
All for now thank you
Aaron (midmarch)


the line up is complete, as is the artwork, and the CD's are going off for production soon, the press is being sorted, so in other words, yes, the compilation will be with you as planned.

proudhon show : proudhon are playing the free butt, brighton with counting the days and this mourning after on the 14th december 2004, a sunday, it's priced £3/£2concs. get yourself down there if your in the area. the proudhon artwork is stil being designed but will be with you shortly.

check the releases page for updates, the webstore will be down for a few days, until the releases are sorted, there will be offers for multi-buying and distro prices. £5 normal selling price £2.80 distro price (5 or more purchases).


okay it has been ages, but i assure you you have not waited in vain, the compilation line-up is 98% completed. It will be out in January, we're just sorting out the PR agents/artwork etc. here is the tracklisting as it stands:

01. the minor times – I fuck for money
02. johnny truant – I am the primatologist mr. robert sapolsky
03. the death of anna karina - l'age d'or
04. bodies in the gears of the apparatus – the ugliest smile in rock and roll
05. proudhon – r & r
06. from a second story window – the challenge of caring
07. broken oath – long time dead
08. wall of denial – black wedding for a yellow butterfly
09. this mourning after - painting pictures on water
10. the guillame seam – bukunin the destroyer
11. into the moat – battlespawned lullaby
12. second smile – angel with a stitched shut mouth
13. 3 stages of pain – to be decided
14. irving rose – tooth for a tear, a life for a year
15. eviscerate ad – fuelled by hatred
16. dehumanize – blood of my blood

and in other news, the new proudhon e.p. 'the joy of sex' has been recorded, it sounds fucking ace, and will be availalbe through MidMarch very soon.

sorry about the lack of news, we are still alive and still busy, there is a new webstore, click on the webstore link and check it out. The compilation line up is nearly finalised, check the compilation section to see whats going on with that.
NEWS 26.09.03

into the moat from the US have confirmed themselves for our lovely compilation CD, send your self over to the compilation page for a check of the featured artists.


new bands added, we're real excited about this one. the best new band you'll hear all year, ' the minor times ', check them out, you'll love it. also ' broken oath ' (caliban esque hardcore, with wall of jericho style vocals) from scotland, these guys kill, seriously, along with ' eviscerate AD ' (who are doing a split later this year with broken oath), beatdown!

so its all looking good, only a few places left to fill, get your demos in here.


- new site
this is the temporary MidMarchRecords site, i had to get it up quickly because so much was happening.

- compilation
this is the main thing going down in our office at the moment, the interest is picking up and this is going to be an amazing compilation. the brief plan is do have a split UK/US metalcore comp. with equal tracks from each continent. hopefully on a limited coloured 12" and CD. to find out more and to see some of the artists confirmed for this click on the compilation link to your left. if you want to get your band on this compilation then email here .

- second smile
i saw this band last night with johnny truant and they killed, seriously they were amazing. they're gonna put a track on the comp. so wait til you hear it.click here to visit thier site. second smile .

- proudhon
are sorting out the recording date for thier midmarch debut, along with the wall of denial re-release and the compilation this will make up three of the first four releases on the midmarch label planned for this year.
in other proudhon news, thier new site will be up in the coming days. come back for news of when it is up.


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MidMarchRecords Compilation 2004
A Shadow Over A Broken Heart

16 Tracks of the best metalcore from both sides of the ocean, featuring the minor times, johnny truant, into the moat, this mourning after, from a second story window, 3 stages of pain, secondsmile, broken oath and many more.

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The Joy of Sex

Brand new 4 song ep. from the Brighton 5 piece which combines heartfelt intensity with punk rock fragility, passion and originality. Finally a British band stepping out of the shadow of its cross pond peers.

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Wall of Denial
These Oceans of Sapphire Grabbed my Eyes

10 Tracks of Beautiful insanity, not for the feint of heart, from one of the most brutal bands this country has ever encountered. Taking influence from Iron Monkey, Pantera, Will Haven and Zao. This release will kill you.

...view/buy releases